What does it mean when I check in?

Once you have completed our application process we will instruct you to call and check in for work. So what does checking in do? It keeps your application active in our database. This lets us know you are still available and seeking employment.

When a new job comes in we are able to search for employees in our database that would be qualified for the available position.

A question we get asked a lot is, “How come there are jobs posted, but I have not been called for them? I check in everyday.” We seek the most qualified individuals for each position we have available. We take a number of factors into consideration when we are looking for possible employees. We look for previous job experience and skills that would best fit the assignment available. We also check job history, the amount of time spent at each job and the reason for leaving the job. We also take into consideration previous assignments and if there were any attendance issues or job performance issues.

There are also jobs that have certain requirements set up by our clients. This could be requirements such as a valid drivers license, clean driving record, clean criminal background or jobs that have educational requirements such as a high school diploma or GED.

At times we have over 400 potential employees seeking work. We do our best to match qualified individuals with the positions that are available.

If you are seeking temporary work it is best to check in with us everyday Monday through Friday. Jobs can come available at any time of the day so be sure we have accurate contact information for you. Applicants that do not check in within thirty days do go inactive.

We strive to provide employment opportunities for both temporary and permanent positions to our applicants. However, we are unable to guarantee employment to an individual just because they are registered with us.

A helpful tip is to bring a resume with you when you come to apply. This allows you to showcase your job history and skills in a formal manner. We will provide resume writing tips in the future so be sure to check back.

Hope you have a safe and productive day!

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