July is Eye Injury Prevention Month!

Did you know that more than 2000 eye injuries of various types occur each day? More than 1000 of these injuries occur in the workplace. Eye protection is very important and that is why July is Eye Injury Prevention month. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) reported that 70% of workplace eye injuries occur from falling or flying objects or sparks striking eye.

The BLS found that three out of every five workers injured were either not wearing eye protection or were wearing the wrong type of eye protection. 90% of all eye injuries could be prevented by wearing the correct safety eyewear. Eyewear must be appropriate for the job you are doing and must fit correctly. Select the right eye protection for your job whether it be safety glasses, goggles, face shields or full face respirators. Make sure your eyewear is in good condition.

Help prevent workplace eye injuries by protecting your eyes with the correct eyewear.

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