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Employment Tips

Here you will find a variety of articles and tips that are intended to help you with your job search. If you have any questions on any of these subjects or would like to request information on a different topics contact us.

Tips for Applying at Employee Connections
Never applied at a staffing agency before? Or are you reapplying at Employee Connections? Read these helpful hints on how to be most successful at Employee Connections.

Interview Tips
Tips to ace your next job interview.

Dress for Success
Tips on how to dress to impress on your next interview.

Phone Interview Tips
Tips on how to have a successful phone interview.

Filling Out a Job Application
Be sure to be prepared before you fill out job applications.

Writing a Successful Resume

The Importance of Being on Time
Being on time is very important. Whether it be for work or an interview.

Filling Out a W-4
Helpful tips on how to complete this form correctly.