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Policies & Procedures

Employee Connections strives to place employees who are not only qualified but responsible and dependable. Our policies and procedures for our employees are designed to keep employees accountable and responsible for their assignment. Please be sure to read through our policies carefully.

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Your hourly pay rate is based on each assignment and may vary from job to job. Should you leave an assignment without notice or justification, not return to an assignment for its completion, be terminated for willful misconduct, forge/falsify information on your time card, or be intoxicated while on a job assignment, it is understood that you will be paid the current minimum wage for that assignment regardless of the wage quoted. Employee Connections pays its employees on a weekly basis. The pay period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Your skills and work experience will determine your temporary assignments. Employee Connections cannot guarantee you work. Our assignments are based on the job orders we receive from our clients.

Work Safety
Employees must follow all safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment, as instructed. Employee Connections is solely responsible for Workers’ Compensation Insurance for its employees. All work related injuries must be reported to your supervisor and Employee Connections immediately.

Drug Policy
Employee Connections Inc. is a drug free environment. You may be asked to take a drug or alcohol test during random testing or if our clients require it. Illegal drug or alcohol use WILL NOT be tolerated before reporting to or during an assignment. Illegal drug or alcohol use will be grounds for termination from our services.

Attendance and Punctuality
It is the policy of Employee Connections Inc. to require employees to report to work punctually and to work all scheduled hours and any required overtime. Excessive tardiness and poor attendance will not be tolerated.

Job applications must be renewed with ECI/ECS every year. ECI/ECS must be informed of any changes to the employee’s contact information.

Employee Connections Inc/EC Staffing is an equal opportunity employer.